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    Chemipharm Des New Surface Desinfection Concentrate (1000ml)


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    Means for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces. Public health care and food disinfectant (type 2 and 4 biocide). For professional users only.

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    For washing and disinfecting surfaces in health care, social care and welfare, educational institutions, hairdressers, beauty salons, saunas, swimming pools, food industry and public catering companies. Do not come into direct contact with food. Read the instructions for use and the safety data sheet before use.

    The preparation has bactericidal properties, inactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi. The product contains surfactants, so it has good cleaning properties.


    Depending on the objects to be treated and their contamination, use working solutions of 0.3 or 1% (respectively 30 or 100 ml of CHEMIPHARM DES NEW in 10 liters of water).

    Disinfect moisture-resistant indoor surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings, doors, door handles, window sills, furniture, stretchers, carts, sauna and pool equipment) by wiping with a cloth moistened with a working solution or by spraying.

    Disinfect cooking and eating utensils and surfaces that will come into contact with food by wiping with a cloth moistened with a working solution; rinse well with water after exposure

    Exposure time using 0.3% working solution 10 min., using 1% - 5 min.


    1. Keep out of the reach of outsiders.

    2. Do not use for washing and disinfection of non-moisture resistant surfaces.

    3. If in doubt that CHEMIPHARM DES NEW can damage the surface, always test it on a small area.

    4. In case of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.

    5. In case of contact with the skin, immediately wash thoroughly with soap and water.

    6. Wear suitable gloves.


    The active ingredient is a mixture of C12-14-alkyl[(ethylphenyl)methyl]dimethyl chlorides and benzyl-C12-18-alkyldimethyl chlorides, 7%.

    Contains sodium carbonate, sodium iminodisuccinate, nonionic PAM.

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    Chemipharm Des New Surface Desinfection Concentrate (1000ml)

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