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BIOTEK is the creator of the most unique and well-documented cosmetic and medicinal pigmentation system on the planet.

The system's quality is ensured by 35 years of expertise, and it was specifically built to suit today's professional criteria for permanent makeup.
BIOTEK ensures top-level outcomes are safer, quicker, and nearly painless by employing the best materials and components.

Biotek is noted for its unrivaled functionality, attractive appearance, and innovative utilization of high-tech materials.
Permanent makeup equipment from Biotek are designed to be used for both cosmetic and medicinal tattooing applications.
The Biotek machine's strong micro-motor simply and precisely drives needles into the skin.
That implies less skin stress for your customers, as well as the potential to generate the finest hair strokes now available.

These devices are easy to handle and comfortable to grip - much like writing with a pen.
Biotek's world-class experts can keep technicians up to date on the latest developments in an ever-changing field.
Wherever you practice, you can rely on professional instruments, needles, and pigments that are supported by a system that continuously meets the highest international quality and consistency requirements.

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