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Intenze 2022

Mario Barth developed the tattoo ink brand Intenze in the United States over two decades ago, and his firm has been a market leader ever since.
Intenze produces the safest, highest-quality tattoo ink on the market in more colors than any other company, and their product ranges are always developing and increasing.

Intenze was the first tattoo ink company in the world to produce sterile inks, but they didn't stop there.
The slogan of Intenze is "Your Safety Is Our Priority," which is why every batch of Intenze ink is checked for sterility by two independent labs.
Intenze ink is the brand for you if you're seeking for high-quality, vegan-friendly tattoo ink created by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.
Intenze tattoo ink is created to the highest quality standards of any tattoo ink on the market, and its vast color pallet is unrivaled.
With Intenze ink, you can create bright tattoos that heal quickly and last a long time.
Intenze tattoo ink is compliant with REACH 2022 regulations.

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