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Apollo SMP

This brand design permanent make up machines for cosmetical and medical treatments. All new Apollo machines are designed, engineered and tested in cooperation with best permanent make up artists. Apollo SMP Permanent Makeup machine has been created for scalp micropigmentation procedures. This permanent machine was design by Microbeau company. Apollo SMP has perfect 2.3 mm stroke, and is specifically designed to create ideal pigment implantation. Lightweight machine features a 2.3 length stroke delivers precise pigment implantation without pigment splashes.


Apollo SMP Permanent Makeup machines specifications and features:

- Ergonomic design;

- Very light, machine weight is only 106 grams;

- Stroke length 2.3 mm;

- Suitable with Vertix needles and most of the cartridges;

- You can adjust needle length easily;

- Polished and anodized grip can be sterilized in autoclave or with cold sanitation solutions;

- Standard grip tapers comes from 24 mm to 21 mm. Also, other grip options can be available;

- A mini DC connector. It also makes machine lighter and more comfortable to use;

- Stabilized rings which were created for smooth adjustment;

- Poweful motor.

Apollo SMP Permanent make up machine is available in Rose Gold, Gold, and Golden Tiger – each master will find design which they like. Inside the kit you will find lightweight cable.

How to choose voltage?

First of all,  voltage is a parameter that will vary from artist, but Apollo machine has been tested and it can operate at a minimum voltage of 4 Volts. Maximum can be used 9.5 Volts. Please, note that manufacturer do not reccommend to exceed 9.5 voltage.

How to take care of permanent make up machine?

- Do not exceed reccommended voltage;

- Place machine on a safe area to avoid dropping the machine;

- Use cartridges only with internal membrane;

- Do not lubricate machine, unless you were instructed otherwise;

-          Always use disposable paper towels to apply sterilization products;

               -         Grip can be sterilized in  steam autoclaves at temperature not higher that 132 degree Celsius;

How to adjust needle depth?

To change needle depth, you should hold the machine body and MotorBolt and turn the grip. A counterclockwise turn decreases depth, while a clockwise turn increases depth.

Why should I choose this Microbeau machine? 

Every artist wants to make precise work for their customers. This perfectly weighted, ergonimical and comfortable machine will help you to achieve perfect result. Also, it is compatible with most popular cartridges, so you can choose from big variety in the market and find best for you. Powerful motor allows you to choose voltage which is best for your procedure. 

We offer many others products for your procedure. Visit our shop to choose best product. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support and we will help to find out.

We offer different types of permanent make up machines and if you confuse and don't know which machine are the best for your procedure  - call to us or send email - we will answer you as soon as possible in working days. 

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