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Company Inc founded in 1984 and now is one of the leading manufacturers and trainers company of semi-permanent makeup, pigments, machines and accessories. 

We are strongly advised to purchase Biotouch permanent makeup kit products only from authorized distributors and agents. 

Products compliant with FDA regulations and made from quality ingredients, undergo extensive lab research, proven to be safe over many years.

Due to the superior quality and popularity of company products ,masters is recommending Biotouch machine. Biotouch permanent makeup reviews of machines from masters is superior highly.  

Biotouch Digital Machine. One of the most recent and most prevalent Biotouch digital permanent makeup machine kit. 8 speed control,contol panel, foot pedal,  motor waterproof seal, 8000 to 13000 RPM. 

Biotouch Mosaic tattoo machine perfect for permanent makeup technicians. Biotouch mosaic machine has a powerful motor, water proof seal, 220Volt AC adaptor. This machine accommodate Round & Flat needles. It is great tool for your station and off-site assignments.

Biotouch Merlin machine. Pen is perfect for permanent makeup masters. Provides ultra operation  for an even deposit of pigment.