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Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment

Most popular equipment for the leadership in tattoo industry. Tattoo artists around the world choose Cheyenne because of high level quality, innovation, and safety. Tattoo machines is Developed and tested in Germany and have the highest quality standards. All equipment from this manufacturer is designed without jeaporadizind creativity and workflow- needles, cartridges, machines, power units and etc. 

In our Beautygroup shop store you will find variety of different Cheyenne products. From super-powered Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Rotary Machine, Hawk Pen, the SOL Nova till safety cartridges, tattoo grips. 

Hawk Cheyenne tattoo Pen offers the artist a new level of comfort and control. Extremally low vibration and high performance motor, tattoo gun infinitely adjustable needle protrusion and its quick covering for absolute hygiene. High level design, with first class quality.  

SOL Nova Cheyenne rotary tattoo machine takes their innovation to a step further and this company for this model offering a perfectly balanced, compacted and powerful tattoo pen, which will allows to artists work for longer sessions with minimal fatigue. 

Once you hold SOL Nova in your hands and make first contact with skin, you will never want to chance it, because of precise lining and smoother soft shading. SOL Nova is builted for tattoo masters who wants a powerful machine with comfort, easy way to clean and long lasting for long sessions. Smaller design of SOL Nova offers for masters better balance and its low frequency allows for precise dot work. 

Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited 3.5 and 4.0 is first wireless machines. Its a maximum freedom of movements through all session.  The power unit have been integrated into machine and its operated by single button.

SOL Terra best new benchmark, Cheyenne tattoo gun, for lines and Color packing. This machine is strongly motorized with the possibility to change between steady and responsive modes. Its allow control motor with different algorithms.  This machine extremally gentle on the skin.

Most of Cheyenne safety Cartridges is designed exactly from this company, a premium needle cartridges that features an perfectly design, with sterilization process of the highest standards. Cheyenne tattoo supply maximum safety with internal membrane.  Cheyenne tattoo equipment is one of most powerful products in the world. Needles during filling absorb more ink than others cartridges during the procedure. The results is getting 10 times longer ink flow, before again dipping into the ink cap again, than others cartridges. Improved needles allows ultra precise work in any direction.  All cartridges are available in 61 configuration and can be easy exchanged. All needles carefully maded by hands with highest quality. 

Tattoo shops in Cheyenne products be flexible and independent. Supplies which ensure maximum comfort. 

Since from 2006 Cheyenne company start to developing professional equipment for tattoo artist