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Biotic Phocea 2022

At first Biotic Phocea sterile pigment was created to recolour the mammary areola of patients operated on due to breast cancer.
Completely absorbed by the human body, this corrective medical dermapigmentation technique was approved on the European level.

These innovations allowed BIOTIC Phocea to become operational and extend its use to permanent makeup through a line of aesthetic pigments.

Parallel to this, BIOTIC Phocea created an innovative tattoo machine permanent makeup supplies that made it possible to securely tattoo the epidermis with these single-use medicinal pigments.
Using a series of cosmetic pigments, BIOTIC Phocea was able to launch operations and expand its application to permanent makeup thanks to these developments.

The business subsequently started to make usage of the tattoo machine more commonplace by offering professional training courses in medical dermapigmentation and permanent makeup.

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