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Artyst PMU machine was made to the best in class of permanent makeup tools. Artyst pen tattoo machine was created and designed in Germany. Its great value on high quality and design in its own production facility in Berlin. 

Artyst permanent makeup machine offers the most silent and vibrating machines on the market. This new Cheyenne tattoo machine operating with highest safety and precision. Develop and produce the most precise, high quality PMU & Microblading tools and accessories. All masters can revolutionize work with the most advanced permanent makeup supplies. 

The Cheyenne pen machine most silent tattoo machines you will ever find on the market. 

Artyst classic machine H1 has a stroke length of 2.00mm.  Its light and ergonomic design. H1 classic machine is perfect for those who prefer a slim shaped machine. From ultrafine hair strokes to shading & pixel techniques, the H1 is a true allrounder in its game while providing optimized safety to you and your client.

Artyst by Cheyenne  H2 PowerBabe is a powerful machine with a 3.5mm stroke length. This machine operates universal cartridges system. Ensuring you not only high- power performance for instant color implantation and precision, but also more flexibility in your needle selection. 

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