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      NovaTox (30 ml.)


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      NovaTox (30 ml.)

      ... a high dosage Anti-Aging preparation
      with a comprehensive combination of active agents 
      for reduction of symptoms of aging
      and to support all biological processes in the skin.

      NovaTox is a anti-aging preparation with 3 actions:

      • ·         NovaTox acts against dry skin folds
      • ·         NovaTox acts against mimic folds
      • ·         NovaTox acts against aging wrinkles

      NovaTox acts against dry skin folds

      A high dosage hyaluronic acid with a balanced combination of low and high-molecular weights moiturizes the skin long lasting and also leads to a visible and noticeable thightning of the upper skinlayers. The fine lines are smoothened immediately.

      Hyaluronic acid is a substance present in the human body. Its purpose is to bind moisture at an high level. Especially in the skin, the eyeball (approx. 1%) and the joints, hyaluronic acid is responsible for important functions. The hyaluronic acid used in NovaTox is of non-animal origin and non-allergenic. 

      NovaTox acts against mimic folds

      Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is a patented active agent which reduces mimic folds in a natural way and thereby leads to a relaxation of the facial mimic areas of : forehead, eye contours and lips. Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 reaches its highest effect after a constant use of around 30 days.
      Acmella Oleracea has an additional impact on mimical contractions and reaches its highest effect after only 6 hours. Within 24 hours, this active agent is biologically degraded by enzymes which naturally present in the body.

      NovaTox acts against aging wrinkles

      Phytoestrogenes are isolated from various plants (Soy, Redclover, Iris). They take over the part of carrier agents which stimulate fibroblasts for a biological production of Elastin, Collagen and Hyaluron. 

      Tripeptide-1 is a biosynthetical produced Peptide which stimulates the production of Collagen III fibres. Collagen III structures Collagen I within the Dermis. The dermis is tightened and lifted by Tripeptide-1.


      How to use it 
      • Apply generously and evenly twice a day after cleansing - or after any form of peeling - to areas of the face: forehead, lips, around the eyes, neck and décolleté.
      • Wet your fingers and gently massage the preparation into the skin.
      • Wait a couple of minutes before applying any make-up.



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      NovaTox (30 ml.)

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