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      • ez tattoo cartridges
      • ez tattoo cartridges
      • ez tattoo cartridges
      • ez tattoo cartridges

      EZ V Select PMU And SMP Cartridge Needles


      EZ Tattoo
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      Safety Membrane V drive System

      100% EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged

      Medical grade plastic


      Last time this product was bought: 12/03/2023

      EZ needle cartridges is the perfect choice for every permanent make up and tattoo masters. Company mission is to make procedure as much comfortable, easy and accurate. EZ Tattoo is one of the major brands in the tattoo industry. Company collaborates with best masters around the world and creates best products to achieve masters high standards. They supply only best quality service and products. EZ Tattoo cartridges are using best masters all over the globe and company has distributors in over 60 countries – Europe, Australia, Asia and USA. Also, we are proud to tell that company support talented artist since the first stage of their career, building community and helping to grow tattoo industry. We are very happy and proud to have this product in our online store. 

      EZ cartridge tattoo needles are disposable and can be used only single time. Also, cartridges are specially designed that allow for master to set up needles and change configuration very easy and quickly during procedure. All EZ tattoo cartridge needles are E.O sterilized and packaged individually by one in sterile packs. In one box you will find 20 V select cartridges. These needles are can be used with all types of grips and Cheyenne Hawk machines. They are made from surgical stainless steel and medical-gade plastic. Using EZ cartridges you can be sure of good ink/pigment flow. Cartridges are ideal for permanent make up procedures – eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, scalp treatments and small tattoo‘s. All needles has unique stabilizing system, which will ensure accurate result. 

      V- System cartridges where designed to make your work precise, less vibration and creates exact pixel they way that artists wants. Also, innovative shape reduced ink spillage issue by 80%. This means that you will waste less ink and you will have better coverage. V select cartidges are ergonomically designed and will ensure that procedure will be most comfortable and will bring pleasure to work with it. V select cartridges have big variaty of needles, because of that every artist will find best product for their procedure. You can choose from liner nano, liner micro,liner, magnum, curved, shader and slope flat cartridges. You will be surprised with variaty and quality of cartridges.

      Round Liner cartridges – designed ideally for small lines, details and technical work. You can choose from: 1 Liner Nano 0.18mm, 1 Liner Micro 0,25mm, 1Liner from 0,30mm to 0,40mm. Also, same selections for 3 Liner and 5 Liner.

      Magnum cartridges - are used for shading and filling large areas. These cartridges gives more ink and this means that cartridges are ideally made for shading, blending and filling bigger areas. Using these magnum cartridges you will need to make less passes and this means that during procedure skin will be damaged less than making a lot of passes on the same area.  

      Round Shader cartridges – are used for thick and bold outlines. They are great for all ink colors and basic shading. 

      Curved Magnum cartridges – these type cartridges are designed in round edge conforms. This time of needle gives more consistent line, better ink dispersion and also, makes less damaged on skin.

      We offer many others products for your procedure. Visit our shop to choose best product. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support and we will help to find out.

      If you confuse and don't know which cartridges are the best for your procedure, if they fit for your machine - call to us or send email - we will answer you as soon as possible. 

      Have a nice shopping with us!

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      EZ V Select PMU And SMP Cartridge Needles