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    EZ Inkin Revo Tattoo Cartridges


    EZ Tattoo
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    The matte surface within the cartridge is designed to hold a larger volume of ink, resulting in a significant extension of ink flow during the tattooing process.

    10 cartridges/box


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    INKin Revo cartridge needles re-define the word precision in tattooing. Providing all the basic configurations and the quality you can depend on to execute your everyday work. 

    Newly designed tips allow minimal ink splatter, the translucent one-piece green cartridge body gives artists the maximum visibility to the tattoos they are working on, extra-stable end-cap design and precise positioning system makes artists more relax without having to worry about needle wobbles, Plus, the stay-sharp needles allow you to work for extended hours without the uncertainty of whether the next cartridge might be an improvement.

    Product info:

    • Safety Impermeable membrane inside system.
    • Light, translucent green colored tip body for better visibility.
    • Mags curved tip at the end for easier cornering.
    • Liners slim tip for doing small details, lines and textures.
    • Compatible with most cartridge system machines and grips.
    • 100% EO Gas Sterilized and individually packaged.
    • Needles are made of 304 medical grade Japanese steel.

    Cartridge sizes:

    • 3 Liner NANO 0.18mm (R0603RL)
    • 3 Liner Long Taper Bugpin 0.30mm (R1003RL)
    • 7 Liner Long Taper 0.35mm (R1207RL)
    • 11 Curved Magnum Long Taper 0.35mm (R1211M1C)
    • 13 Curved Magnum Long Taper 0.35mm (R1213M1C)

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    EZ Inkin Revo Tattoo Cartridges

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