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      Color Lock Open Tip Tattoo And PMU Cartridges (1pcs)


      Kiti Gamintojai
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      Color Lock Cartridge Tattoo Needles are specifically designed by industry professionals to help artists create sharp, clear, and precise tattoos.

      10 cartridges per box


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      Color Lock Cartridge Needles feature a medical grade plastic construction, which helps to prevent the backflow of ink during procedures. Compatible with most cartridge grips on the market, these cartridge needles easily twist and lock into place. They are also compatible with most rotary and coil tattoo machines. These round-tip style needles provide the most consistent needle strokes so you can achieve utmost clarity and precision during tattoo procedures.


      Needle Tip Style: Round

      Needle Type: Round Liner, Super Liner, Tight Round Liner, Extra Tight Round Liner, Round Shader

      Compatible with most cartridge grips; locks easily into place

      Compatible with most tattoo machines (rotary and coil)

      Can be used for color or black and grey work

      Needles offer smoother, more consistent strokes

      EO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized and individually packaged

      Open tip cartridges:

      7 Round Magnum(1207CM) 0.35mm

      9 Round Magnum (1209CM) 0.35mm

      11 Round Magnum (1211CM) 0.35mm

      15 Round Magnum (1215CM) 0.35mm

      7 Magnum Shader (1207MS) 0.35mm

      9 Magnum Shader(1209MS) 0.35mm

      11 Magnum Shader (1211MS)  0.35mm    

      7 Tight Round Magnum (1007CM) 0.30mm  

      13 Tight Round Magnum (1013CM) 0.30mm    

      15 Tight Round Magnum (1015CS) 0.30mm    

      9 Tight Magnum Shader (1009MS) 0.30mm  

      13 Tight Magnum Shader (1013MS) 0.30mm  

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      Color Lock Open Tip Tattoo And PMU Cartridges (1pcs)