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      Petroleum Jelly (225g.)


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      Petroleum Jelly is an essential item in any tattoo studio. It has a range of uses including during the tattooing process and in the aftercare too. This petroleum jelly has been highly refined to provide you with an almost pure product. Petroleum jelly is used in tattooing to avoid irritation to the skin, keep a smooth track for the needle and to help avoid blood collecting and obscuring the vision of the artist. It can also provide a protective layer once the tattoo is finished and help to clean and dry in the first few hours after it is finished.   

      Relieves skin soreness post-waxing for women
      Relieves sore skin post threading of eyebrows and upper lips for women
      Relieves itchiness post shaving for men
      Works as an effective makeup remover
      Can be used to protect newly healed tattoos
      Can be used to shape eyebrows
      Can be used to care for sensitive skin
      Can be used to soothe earlobes after continuous earring use
      Apply to skin for a healthy shine and glow
      Can be used to soothe irritated skin
      Apply Vaseline along the strip line of false lashes to help loosen the glue and make for gentler peel-off

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      Petroleum Jelly 225g

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