Goochie permanent makeup pigments kit


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      Goochie permanent makeup pigments kit

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      Goochie  permanent makeup pigments kit: 

      * Bright and natural color, stable color, no change color;

      * Semi permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo ink color stays 3 to 5 years;

      * Raw materials from America;

      * DermaTest & FDA Approval;

      * Suitable for shadow eyebrow permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoo operation;

      * The newest skill for shadow eyebrow permanent makeup;

      * Good appearance.

      Accessories:  A36 Anesthetic cream (15 ml.), 6 colors - 666(Blending toner) 15 ml.; 613(Green coffee) 15 ml.; 616(Grey coffee) 15 ml.; 618(Coconut brown) 15 ml.; 612(Deep coffee) 15 ml.; 611(Apricot coffee) 15 ml. ,1 box needles

      Package: Exquisite package

      Feature: Eyebrow permanent makeup

      Certification: FDA

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      Goochie permanent makeup pigments kit

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