Dr.Pen ULTIMA - M5 Micro Needle Pen with Cartridges


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      Dr. Pen ULTIMA - M5 Micro Needle Pen with Cartridges

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      Dr. Pen M5-W Micro Needle Pen (Gold casing)

      High speed 13000 RPM Derma Pen for regular skin exfoliation, fine line and pigmentation reduction, and enhanced nutrient absorption.

      Suitable for use on face, eyes and neck.

      Supplied in an attractive compact storage box.

      -Rechargeable Cordless - built in battery

      -Max 13000RMP

      -Metal pink body casing 

      -Needle length: 0.25-2.5mm  

      -Speed: 5 levels

      Derma Rollers should be used only on cleanly washed, sanitised skin.

      You should check suitability of products for your skin on a patch prior to applying to the entire rolled area.

      Your derma roller must be cleaned after every use:

      rinse under hot running water, do not attempt to rub needles

      then sterilize in 70% medical grade alcohol before storing

      allow to air dry.

      The Derma Pen functions on a vibratory and up-and-down motion, and must therefore be used with caution.

      The Derma Pen should be used with a serum or functional gliding gel to ensure smooth needling.

      ATTENTION - Warranty document inside of the product box.

      Kristen   12/03/2021
      plasma pen

      Look here, this damn thing pays for it self in one use. Very easy to use.

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        Dr.Pen ULTIMA - M5 Micro Needle Pen with Cartridges

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