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      Purebeau Precision T-Needles (1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 7T, 9T) 1 pcs.


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      Purebeau Precision T-Needles


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      Reliable technology already begins with the pigmentation needles used. Generally, many other pigmentation systems use imported tattooing needles. They have a slightly bent needle tip and often put too great a strain on the skin. The needles used by Purebeau were developed using the principle of acupuncture needles and are thus very fine and smooth.

      Skin irritation is reduced to a minimum and the pigmentation colour can be transferred into the skin very finely and accurately. Moreover, Purebeau needles are laser-welded, a process that is very precise and, compared to soldered needles, does not leave any residues on the needles. Purebeau has developed an extensive range of needle types that are perfectly designed for different tasks and requirements.


      1N Nano

      1 er T-Neddle Sharp

      1 er T-Neddle

      2 er T-Neddle

      3 er T-Neddle

      3 er T-Neddle Sharp (outline)

      5 er T-Neddle

      7 er T-Neddle

      9 er T-Neddle

      The price is for 1 needle.
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      Purebeau Precision T-Needles (1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 7T, 9T) 1 pcs.

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