CC Brow Primer (Cleanser and Degreaser) 50ml


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      CC Brow Primer product is recommended before dyeing eyebrows, it is designed to cleanse and remove grease residues and other impurities so that henna dyes color the skin and hair better.

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      New eyebrow care and henna technology ensures a long-lasting coloring effect with a permanent make-up effect. Not only eyebrow hair is dyed, but also skin.

      The pigment lasts on the skin for 7-14 days and on the hair for up to 6 weeks.

      Eyebrow henna pigments have been shown to restore and improve the condition of eyebrows by up to 60%.

      To use: Spray the product on a cotton ball and wipe your eyebrows.

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      CC Brow Primer (Cleanser and Degreaser) 50ml

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