Rejuvi Fruit Complex 45 % (30 ml.)


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      Rejuvi Fruit Complex 45 % (30 ml.)

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      Fruit Acid Complex # 3 - 45 %

      Usage: As with all treatments , AHA acids , but only after the second or third stage of treatment . For the face, neck , arms, hands and nodules on the elbows .


      encourages new cells , fibers, elastin and collagen renewal
      stimulates the blood circulation,
      strengthens the skin and increases its resilience
      softens skin and reduces scarring.

      Contraindications :

      known violation
      acne rosacea,
      skin with eczema and skin allergies
      skin inflammation and infection.

      Usage: scars , wrinkles , enlarged couples , skin color changes , impure skin , damaged skin to the sun, rough skin , sensitive and irritated skin after cleansing, hair removal , total refreshment for couples.

      As with all treatments , AHA acids preparations , but use only after the second or third stage of treatment . For the face, neck , arms, hands and elbows nodules .

      In addition to the diagnosis of skin treatments will never do !

      fruit acids
      Hydrox AHA = ALFA ACID
      Glykolid acid - glycolic acid is approximately 76.05 MW
      Lacic acid - Lactic acid MW approximately 90,08
      Malic Acid - Malic acid ok.134 MW , 09
      Tartacit acid - about 150 MW , 09
      Citrig acid - Citric acid MW ok.192 12
      Together they form a complex

      Use Protocol

      Most medicated cosmetics , announces that their production formula based on alpha hydroxyl acids ( AHA) . In fact, most of these products contain have only 20 per cent . - 30 per cent . Glycolic acid . It is important to note that this is a different composition and concentration of products . Glycolic acid has a number of drawbacks such as short-term effects and irritation of the skin (the skin becomes sensitive and dries out ) .

      Rejuvi treatment of fruit acids - is an innovative , technology based on the latest technology , containing alpha and beta hydroxyl acids. The fruit acid complex salts and esters has soothing properties , gives the skin a soft and provides comfort during treatments , liposomes intensely moisturizes the skin : the skin through the surface layer falls into the epidermis of the skin cells and fills the necessary nourishing and moisturizing ingredients . In other words liposomes removes the active substances in the deepest epidermis and dermis layers even . Liposomes improves skin texture and makes the skin smoother, more supple and gives it vitality .

      There are two variants of therapeutic serum with different concentrations of glycolic acid (25 per cent . , Or 35 per cent . ) (According to the custom beauty professionals a stronger concentration of this tool ) .

      Rejuvi serum with fruit acids, brightens the skin , reduces pores and wrinkles , reduce swelling around the eyes and dark circles.


      First Rejuvi tool for the treatment of fruit acids ( 1 ) , Rejuvi Fruit Complex Formula # 1 ;

      Second Rejuvi tool for the treatment of fruit acids ( 2 ) , Rejuvi Fruit Complex Formula # 2 ;

      Other measures include:

      First Rejuvi K facial cleanser , Rejuvi " k" Facial Cleanser ;

      Second Rejuvi R regenerating serum , Rejuvi "r " Skin refreshener ;

      3rd Rejuvi Purifying Mask , Rejuvi Purifying Mask ;

      4th Rejuvi H medicated gel, Rejuvi " h" Skin Healing Gel ;

      5th Rejuvi V nourishing , moisturizing B or N Night Cream , Rejuvi " v" Nourishing Cream or " b" Skin Moisturizer or 'n' Night Cream ;


      First Double wipe the skin with Rejuvi facial cleanser, let the skin dry.

      Second Using a cotton swab , lubricate the skin Rejuvi atstatančiuoju serum and let it dry.

      3rd 3:2 mix ratio required Rejuvi cleansing masks and therapeutic Rejuvi Gel , apply on the skin of the face and hold for 6-8 min . , Wash your face.

      4th Whisk Rejuvi serum with complex fruit , make sure that serum solid structure , because it is very important that the liposome is evenly distributed . The required quantity of serum attach to the jar .

      5th Using a brush , apply the appropriate tool on the skin of the face and neck sites , leave 1-5 minutes. , Depending on your skin sensitivity. Watch or skin neparaudo . If you feel an unpleasant skin irritation , wash the skin with cool water and apply Rejuvi the beneficial gel to moisturise and soothe the skin.

      6th If you do not experience discomfort during the procedure , after 1-5 min . rinse with lukewarm water Rejuvi serum with complex fruit from skin .

      7th Apply Rejuvi therapeutic gel and gently massage it into the skin and leave for 2-5 minutes.

      8th Apply Rejuvi feedwater or Rejuvi moisturizer .

      This treatment do before vapors and other facial treatments and massages . The treatment can be done once a week , depending on skin condition. One treatment usually includes a period of 4-6 treatment procedures. Treatment should begin using a less concentrated products later, depending on skin type and condition can be increased using a higher concentration of products, as well as prolong the procedure time. For very sensitive skin, Rejuvi Fruit Complex Serum may be replaced by Rejuvi C serum sensitive skin ( its composition is very similar , but the acid concentration of only 10 percent . )

      Facial skin care at home:

      Morning X vitamin C complex , B Moisturizing Cream , S protective sunscreen .

      In the evening, X vitamin C complex , G AHA AHA cream or serum for oily skin.

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      Rejuvi Fruit Complex 45 % (30 ml.)

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