Goochie External Mask application (For lips) (2g.X 10)


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       Goochie External Anesthetic application (For lips) (2g.X 10)

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      Direction for Use:

      1. Wash the area to be worked on with soap and water. Dry are completely.

      2. Apply a layer of anesthetic mask to the area and rub in.

      3. Waiting for 8-15 min before your tattoo.

      Leave the mask on the skin longer for better results.

      Do not remove it until you feel the numbing effect.

      Please test on small area of skin before use.

      Aways consult your physician before using.

      Goochie anesthetic or other Numb cream.

      Quantity: 20g.

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      Goochie External Mask application (For lips) (2g.X 10)

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