Skin Monarch TrixGel процедурный гель 30ml.


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch TrixGel anesthetic gel 30ml.

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      Anesthetic is for helping relieve pain, swelling and bleeding from procedures repeatedly penetrating the skin.

      Direction to use: apply a small amount of product to broken skin for temporary relief of discomfort for 3 to 5 minutes.

      Can be applied on eyelids, brows and lips. Do not come in contact with the eyes. 

      Active Ingredients: 5%, Lidocaine Hydrochloride, 2% Tetracaine, 0.02% Epinephrine.

      Inactive ingredients: Deionzed water, Hycroxyerthyl cellulose, sodium, metasulfite, methylparaben, propylparben, tetrasodium edta

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      Skin Monarch
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      Donald   2021-01-06

      Works great for me.

        Meghan   2020-12-17
        This stuff is awesome!

        Dude I never do reviews but this is so legit. Its number 1 for sure

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          Skin Monarch TrixGel процедурный гель 30ml.

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