Super Trio® перед процедурной применение (25мл.)


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      Super Trio® перед процедурной (25мл.)

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      Super Trio® специально разработанный для татуировки, лазерного, пирсинга тела.

      Jenny   2021-12-03
      tattoo numbing cream near me

      Fantastic for microblading!

        Carly   2021-12-02
        number 8 tattoo

        Amazing. I wish I could give this more than 5 stars.

          Ana   2021-12-01
          tattoo numbing spray

          good price and fast shipping

            Dawn   2021-02-04
            tattoo number fonts

            Worked like a charm with my tattoos. Highly recommend

              Liana   2021-01-26
              number 13 tattoo

              This anesthetic really works

                Dee   2021-01-21
                number 7 tattoo

                It is really effective

                  number tattoos   2021-01-20

                  It works very well, play with it a bit because I learned you must wait 15-20 min min for it to work best .

                    Grant   2021-01-11
                    tattoo numbing cream

                    Works great

                      Diana   2021-01-06
                      super trio

                      Wow yes wow, it works as the description said, the best in the market must to have it!

                        Michelle   2020-12-22
                        Good Stuff

                        Works great

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                          Super Trio® перед процедурной применение (25мл.)

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