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      KWADRON Permanent Makeup Cartridges 1 pcs.


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      KWADRON Permanent Makeup Cartridges 1 pcs.


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      Kwadron Cartridge 

      Kwadron Permanent Makeup needles are also available as cartridges for your tattoo machines! The needle modules are available in many different configurations! Round liner and Round shader, Magnum or Soft Edge Magnum with Long Taper Needles!

      These new Cartridges feature a needle stabilizing system that ensures optimal performance for your needles. The tips are made from a medical grade plastic, making friction between the needle and the tip minimal and keeping your needles sharp for longer.


      EO Gas sterilized

      Diameter: 0.25mm - 0.35mm

      Needles: MT (Medium Taper - 6mm) LT (Long Taper - 7 mm) and TEX (Textured).


      Thomas   02/04/2021
      kwadron tattoo needles

      Best for work

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        KWADRON Permanent Makeup Cartridges 1 pcs.

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