Vetus tweezers ST


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      Vetus tweezers ST


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      Vetus tweezers ST

      Original Swiss VETUS eyelash tweezers. Used to separate eyelashes.

      Strong and lightweight tweezers. High quality tweezers with very thin and sharp tips. Very comfortable to work with.

      ST High Precision Series is the entry-level products, which are suitable for both beauty and electronics.

      Made of stainless steel

      Skylar   12/03/2021
      vetus tweezers 6a sa

      I do eyelash extensions and I haven’t been able to find any other tweezers to compare to the curved ones.

        Perez   12/02/2021
        vetus st 15 tweezers

        Loved these tools, very nice , very sharp and has a good weight to it.

          Tina   12/01/2021
          vetus tweezers for eyelash extensions

          Love this product! I use it to apply individual eyelash extensions, and the grib is awesome. Now the lashes don’t fall out of the twizzers!

            Anna   02/04/2021
            vetus eyelash tweezers

            I use these for eyelash extensions and I love them a lot. Great quality and a great deal for the price.

              Meika   01/26/2021
              vetus tweezers esd 15

              I use these more than another set that I have.

                Samoely   01/21/2021
                vetus tweezers hrc40

                Very Good

                  Ferrer   01/20/2021
                  vetus volume tweezers

                  LOVE these they aren’t too flimsy and not too hard to squeeze either .

                    Mary   01/11/2021
                    vetus tweezers

                    Excellent tweezers! Very sharp and good grip.

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                      Vetus tweezers ST

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