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      The Original Stencil Stuff (125ml./250ml.)


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      The Original Stencil Stuff (125ml./250ml.)


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      The Original Stencil Stuff (250ml.)

      The original Stencil Stuff created by the Professional Tattoo Artists has become a necessity in tattoo studios all over the world. Specifically used for making transfers crisper, cleaner and sharper whilst eliminating the risk of cross contamination. The lotion itself is creamy, non-toxic and laboratory formulated ensuring that it can be used on most skin types. Easily removed with alcohol if the stencil isn’t positioned right. Available in a 236ml bottle with a twist bottle for easy access. A must have for any serious tattoo artist.

      Stencil Stuff
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      Craig   02/04/2021
      how to make your own stencil stuff

      Works for me. You don’t need a lot. Not watery, not too thick.

        Billy   01/26/2021
        green stuff stencils

        All I use at my shop!

          GDig   01/21/2021
          stencil stuff vegan

          Great addition to my supply, works perfect, easy to use and easy to apply

            electrum stencil stuff   01/20/2021

            Best stencil solution ive tried. Just ask all the many professionals that use this stuff works amazing...

              Nadiva   01/14/2021
              stencil stuff tattoo

              It only takes a very small amount and you apply it like lotion, wait just a few seconds and then place your stencil. It dries quickly and is so resistant to wiping. A great deal for a great product!

                Ara   01/11/2021
                stencil stuff

                It is easy, dries fast and copies the stencil so much more than speed stick.

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                  The Original Stencil Stuff (125ml./250ml.)

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