Skin Monarch liquid formula (10 ml.)


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch liquid anesthetic formula (10 ml.)

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      Skin Monarch liquid anesthetic formula (10 ml.)
      Skin Monarch liquid anesthetic formula effectively reduces discomfort before permanent make up procedure and during procedure. Formula with epinephrine stops swelling and bleeding during procedures. Used for lips and eyebrows procedures. Before using put for 1 minute into warm water until product will be liquid. 

      Use: Spread a few drops  on the desired area of skin maintain with a nutritious film for 10-15minutes. During procedure product works in one minute.
      WARNING: Avoid direct contact with the eyeball. If contact should occur, irrigate with copious amounts of sterile saline and seek medical attention.
      Shake well each time before use

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      Skin Monarch
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      Amanda   01/06/2021

      very good quality, amazing product for work

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        Skin Monarch liquid formula (10 ml.)

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