Novaform (100 ml.)


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      Novaform (100 ml.)

       ... is an innovative, highly concentrated

      active agent against Cellulite.

      NovaForm has an extraordinary effectiveness through its active and natural ingredients:

      • Chrysin, Coffeine and Bupleurum Extract
        ...improve splitting up fat tissue.
      • Carnitin and CoEnzym A
        ...accelerate the degadation and transport of free fatty acids.
      • Hyaluronic acid
        ...tightens and smoothes the skin surface and transports active agents into the deeper skin layers.

      NovaForm effectively reduces Cellulite and Orange Skin.

      NovaForm accelerates lipolysis (fat tissue destroying) through:

      Chrysin, a herbal active agent that inhibits aromatase wich in turn pre- vents Oestrogene storage in the fat tissue, because Oestrogene reduce lipolyses.

      Coffein, which prevents phosphodiesterasis and premature degradation of cAMP. At the same time, coffeine improves the microcirculation.

      Bupleurum Extract, contains Vitamine G, increases the production of cAMP lastingly and activates the lipase enzyme, which is responsible for breaking down fat tissue.

      NovaForm improves degradation of free fatty acids through:

      Carnitin and CoEnzym A, which support the biological transfer of free fatty acids through mitochondria (the "power source" of the cells).

      NovaForm tightens the skin surface through:

      Highly concentrated Hyaluronic acid in a balanced combination of low and high molecular weight, that moisturizes the skin lastingly and visibly tightens the upper skin layers. Additionally hyaluronic acid transports the active agents into the deeper skin layers.

      How to use it 

      • Apply generously and evenly to the wet skin, best after bath or shower once ore twice a day to the affected body areas.
      • Wet your fingers and gently massage the preparation into the skin.
      • Continue to apply your personal body care.
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      Novaform (100 ml.)

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