Rejuvi ' a' Asta Enhancing Serum (15 ml.)


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      Rejuvi ' a' Asta Enhancing Serum (15 ml.)

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      This serum is a highly concentrated natural Astaxanthin (ASTA). Asta is a carotenoid and a fat-soluble nutrient. It possesses a long, double-bonded polyene chain which is a unique structure for superior anti-oxidation. It is in fact the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world. Natural astaxanthin intake has shown many health benefits. The topical application has great skin benefits as well. This is a new, unique and powerful anti-aging skin care technology.

      Astaxanthin is rich in salmon, crustaceans and some wild berries. The best natural source is a micro algae called Haematococcus pluvialis. Actual ingredient detail is patent pending.

      Mix well one drop with other Rejuvi Serums (several drops), gel or creams (regular dosage) then apply to the facial area. Use once or twice daily depending upon the performance and your particular need. Daytime application is highly recommended
      due to its superior sun protection benefit.

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      Rejuvi ' a' Asta Enhancing Serum (15 ml.)

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