Purebeau TRS 250 new Black


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      Purebeau TRS 250 new Black

      Be inspired by the highest quality standards in terms of technology and materials used, as well as by the spectacular design. The precision control is housed in a purist and fully aluminium body that stands boldly in the centre of attention. The design is fascinating with its new, clear shape and functionality – not a single superfluous attribute, nor a single function missing. That makes working with the TRS 250 an absolute pleasure, because this combination of technology, workmanship and design meets even the highest expectations.

      Important system data for Purebeau TRS 250 – short description

      • The digitally controlled speed settings can be selected to perfectly suit each area of application: from 90 to 250 strokes per second. 
      • High-precision drive for absolute accuracy while pigmenting (no speed fluctuations or unsteady running). 
      • Integrated colour-return protection system for complete hygiene (meets worldwide health requirements), can be sterilized in a hot-air sterilizer.
      • Needle types: laser-welded, custom-fitted all-round T-needles and flat needles made of stainless steel, no abrasion or other factors causing allergological reactions. 
      • Very flexible and fine.
      • Corresponding needle nozzles. T-all-round needle (sizes): 1, 2, 3, 3–outline, 5, 7, 9; flat needle (sizes): 3, 5, 7, 13
      • Maintenance/hygiene: the sophisticated hygiene system (integrated return protection) of the handpiece. TRS 250only requires normal cleaning with equipment disinfectant.

      All user utensils such as needles, needle nozzles and pigments have been medically sterilized. All materials used during treatment, such as needle, needle nozzle, pigment in mixing jar, are ‘for use once only’ and must be disposed of accordingly after the treatment. (Needles and needle nozzles should always be disposed of in a safe needle or cannula disposal box.)

      Colours: TRS 250 is ideally devised for the Purebeau LF-HICON micro-pigments.


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      Purebeau TRS 250 new Black

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