Purebeau LadyLiner


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      Purebeau LadyLiner
      ladylinerStands next to excellent technology, but also through its elegant Optics. Ideal for fashion conscious studio.

      Overview and Specifications

      • Manually digitized different speed levels of 90 - 190 strokes per second, selectable
      • Ideal for the individual use of tunable 
      • No turbulent velocity fluctuations or running for maximum accuracy 
      • Quiet, precise and efficient working and less rework 
      • Hygienic Farbrücklaufschutzsystem in compliance with the maintenance of any pollution 
      • Nadeleinspannung easily and securely thanks to BBS Einspannsicherung 
      • Transmission 2.0 mm needle 
      • Easy clamping of all combinations of needle around 1-9 on 3-13 flat needle combinations


      • Micropigmentierung 
      • Permanent make-up 
      • Removing Tattoo
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      Purebeau LadyLiner

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