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      Spektra Flux Stealth Wireless Tattoo and PMU Machine


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      USB-C port: Charge your wireless tattoo machine in your car, laptop, or from a battery pack

      Bluetooth capability: Pair with Darklab app

      Darklab App: Change voltage through app, access tattoo time and receive firmware updates

      Compatible with most membrane needles

      Voltage: 5-12 Volts

      Grip: 33 mm

      4mm stroke

      Handcrafted in the USA


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      Spektra Flux Stealth Wireless Tattoo and PMU Machine a revolutionary device that puts, you, the tattoo artist, in control of your art. The first truly wireless tattoo machine is here - the Spektra Flux. More power without any of the complicated stuff. Just a pen-style device with all the features you need.

      Bluetooth enabled device with up to 10 hours of battery life with a fast charging speed of about 1.5 hours. Charge your tattoo machine from any USB-C power plug including your car, laptop, or battery pack. Know where you stand at all times and check your battery life and your voltage usage through an LED indicator. 

      Spektra Flux Stealth Wireless Tattoo and PMU Machine has a user-friendly interface with only 3 buttons so you can spend more time in your art. Prioritizing your comfort and safety with a lightweight, ergonomic design that packs most of the weight in the center, reducing the strain in your hand.

      Spektra Flux Stealth Wireless Tattoo and PMU Machine features:

      4 mm Direct Drive: a versatile stroke for lining and color packing

      Lightweight Design: Only178 grams, most of the weight is in the center

      Dynamic Power Path Management: Always get the same amount of power

      LED Indicator: From here you can check your battery life, pair with devices via Bluetooth, and change voltage

      Changing Voltage: Decrease and Increase voltage by half increments

      Detachable battery: Switch to the auxiliary PowerBolt battery. 

      Battery life: Up to 10 hours. Can charge as quickly as 2 hours when used with a proper voltage USB-C power source and USB-C cord. 

      Note: Longer power cords and weaker power sources will result on the unit taking a long time to charge or not charging at all.

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      Spektra Flux Stealth Wireless Tattoo and PMU Machine

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