MPS – Adoderm Micro-Poration System


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      MPS – Adoderm Micro-Poration System


      ...was developed to allow the transdermal delivery of topical fluids into the skin layers by the process of electroporation, also described as Meso-Impulse-Therapy.

      During the non-invasive process of electroporation, additional pores appear temporarily (for a few milliseconds) in the skin and there is a process of reversible permeabilization of the cell membranes.

      The substances are mainly designed for introduction into the skin. They revitalize and regenerate the skin by giving more elasticity and smoothening.

      The Meso-Impulse-Therapy guarantees a fine and effective distribution of the introduced fluids without loosing parts of the substances when using injection methods by meso-gun or hand-needle-therapy.

      Since the middle of the 1960¹s there has been a phenomon known as electroporation. This causes the formation of watery channels in the lipid layers of bio-membranes.

      During this process the cell membrane is destabilized by the application of a pulsed electrical field so that water passes through the membrane by the effects of the electrostatic forces that are produced. For as long as the electric field is in contact with the cell membrane, watery channels, known as "electropores" can be sustained in expanded form. These electropores allow large molecules such as insulin or heparin to be channelled into deeper layers of the skin.
      During medical research the technique of electroporation was successfully used to introduce DNA molecules, which are relatively large, into cells. The human skin differs significantly from the membranes of individual cells. The stratum corneum is the greatest barrier of the skin and consists of several keratin-filled corneocytes embedded in a lipid matrix.

      Mechanically, it is very stable and possesses a high degree of electrical resistance, thus making it an excellent barrier to watersoluble molecules. If a pulsed charge of about 60 Volts is applied to the stratum corneum there is a rapid reduction in the electrical resistance of the skin allowing more electrical power to pass through. This causes new watery channels to be formed in the stratum corneum which allows introducing the substances transdermally into deeper layers.

      Each MPS set includes:

      MPS1000 Micro-Poration-System
      handpiece with either ball or roller
      two contact electrode pads
      two cables with adapter
      instruction manual
      one power cable
      transport case


      The Microporation System (MPS) device allows 5 ml of fluids, or more, to be introduced into the skin during the Meso-Impulse-Therapy.

      The non-cross linked hyaluronic acid is distributed throughout the skin and gradually improves the supply of the active ingredients into the dermis.

      As it is the case with injection-based therapies, several treatments are required in order to reach a successful result. It is recommended that one treatment per week is carried out for a period of at least 5 weeks.

      The MPS device guarantees a very fine distribution of the correct quantities of the substances which are introduced transdermally.

      Meso-Impulse-Therapy is pleasant and convenient to patients.
      It is not an invasive procedure into the skin.

      All below product formulations for the Meso-Impulse-Therapy contain a VITAMIN-COMPLEX and an especially prepared natural HYALURONIC ACID for the easy penetration of the active substances into the skin. The VMPG-COMPLEX, which contains all the essential substances required by the skin for its biochemical processes, was developed in addition to the active ingredient serums. The VMPG-COMPLEX contains all the important vitamins, amino acids and immuno-stimulators.

      The preparations do not contain any preservations.     

      Combats the beginnings of wrinkles and skin defects.
      50 ml ADO-205P    
           ADO TOX MEDICAL
      Reduction of wrinkles. Contains Argireline and Gatuline Expression which allow fast reduction of fine facial wrinkles and Genistein/Aldenin to stimulate Collagen III production and to stimulate fibroblast activity.
      50 ml ADO-7700K
      For skin revitalization. Contains Genistein to stimulate fibroblast activity, as well as Aldenin to stimulate collagen III production. 
      50 ml ADO-209P    
      Combats acne skin and supports hydra- tation and the elasticity of the skin. The effect is based on the inhibition of 5-Alpha-reductase by Oleanic Acid, a powerful Finasterid substitute.
      50 ml ADO-208P
      Retraction of skin pigments (Melasmen, elderly spots and Lentigines). Contains Acetyl Boldine for reduction of Tyrosinase-Building (up to 70%), DERMAWHITE as inhibitor for the residual Tyrosinase and Vitamin C for the decrease of existing Melanin and whitening effect.
      50 ml ADO-213P

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      MPS – Adoderm Micro-Poration System

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