Tina Davies microblading pen (9 Classic / 14 Curved / U Needle) 10 pcs.


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      Tina Davies microblading pen (9 Classic / 14 Curved / U Needle)

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      1) Protective Cap:

      Each microblade tools comes with a protective cap so that the needles do not get damaged while in transit. Each cap has a tiny hole at the top so that EO gas can still reach and sterilize the needles.

      2) Needle Info:

      Microblading pen needles made in 316 stainless steel.  This is the highest quality stainless steel.  Each microblade is inspected at least 3 times before it reaches any of our artists. We use 0.25mm gauge needles to ensure that the needles never bend and you will never get blurry strokes or double lines. 

      3) Handle Info:

      Our microblade pen handles have a soft, cushy, non-slip grip that enables you to stay comfortable and be precise.  

      4) Sterilization and Packaging:

      Each microblade pen comes in its own sterilized blister pack complete with lot number, manufacture date and expiration date. Our blister packs are durable ensuring that your product will arrive in perfect condition.

      There are ten microblades pen per box.

      The pointed tip and 9 needles makes precise hair stroke work a breeze. It’s small profile is easy to control — great for fine, detailed work and more subtle, slim brows.

      This versatile microblade covers a lot of surface area with its 14 needles. Combining the point of the 9 Classic and the curve of the U Needle, it’s perfect for creating medium to full eyebrows.

      These 14 pins deliver the perfect amount of line weight for crisp, clean strokes.  

      Create natural, flowing curved hair strokes with ease. The U needle’s unique shape helps to guide your hand to make it effortless, yet precise.

      This is an advanced tool, recommended for experienced artists.

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      Tina Davies microblading pen (9 Classic / 14 Curved / U Needle) 10 pcs.

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