Dermclar Reducing Solution / Caffeine 2ml.


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      Helps to reduce fatty deposite

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      CAFFEINE is chemical substance of alkaloid group, of course, of vegetal origin, belonging to xanthix base family, with common purinic nucleus (purine, uric acid, xanthine, theophylline, theobromine). This is a purinic trimetylated base or trimethylxanthine of molecular mass 1942.

      CAFFEINE acts on mobilization of free fatty acids

      CAFFEINE inhibits phosphodiesterases eliciting AMPc hydrolysis, in turn indirectly intervening in lipolytic function chain

      Inhibition of phosphodiesterase
      AMPc Acummulation 
      Triglyceryde lipase stimulation
      Free fatty increase
      It should be underlined that caffeine elimination half-life is longer in obese tan in normal subjects.

      Cellulitis and localized obesity

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      Dermclar Reducing Solution / Caffeine 2ml.

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