Rejuvi AHA Conditioning Mask


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      AHA Conditioning Mask

      This mask utilizes multiple alpha-hydroxyl acids and papaya extract to promote skin’s natural exfoliation while it detoxifies and removes debris from the skin. AHA Conditioning Mask is designed for oily skin, combination skin or acne skin. It can be used as a special deep cleansing for all skin types. Rejuvi AHA Conditioning Mask is extremely gentle and mild and is very compatible with sensitive skin conditions including inflamed acne. Rejuvi AHA Conditioning Mask may be used once or twice per week.

      Treatment Product Required:
      1. Rejuvi AHA Conditioning Mask

      Other Products Needed:
      1. Rejuvi “f” Facial Cleanser
      2. Rejuvi “h” Skin Healing Gel
      3. Rejuvi Purifying Mask
      4. Rejuvi “r” Skin Refreshener
      5. Rejuvi “g” AHA Serum

      Rejuvi AHA Conditioning Mask:
      Active Mask - papaya extract, sodium citrate, glycolic acid, lemon peel
      Basic Pack - calcium sulfate, algin, diatomaceous earth, kaolin, sodium phosphate

      Treatment Procedures:
      1. Cleanse face with Rejuvi “f “ Facial Cleanser then rinse with plenty of water.
      2. Mix Rejuvi Purifying Mask with sufficient Rejuvi “h” Skin Healing Gel until reaching a desir able consistency for application.
      3. Apply to face and steam face for 7 minutes.
      4. Rinse well.
      5. Extract comedones if necessary.
      6. Tone skin with Rejuvi “r” Skin Refreshener.
      7. Apply Rejuvi AHA Conditioning Mask – leave on for 20 minutes.
      8. Carefully remove mask – do not rinse.

      Home Care Program:
      Morning: use “g” AHA Serum daily between treatments of AHA Conditioning Mask.
      Evening: use “p” Skin Conditioner twice a week.


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      Rejuvi AHA Conditioning Mask

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