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    Silcare Trichoplex Scalp Care Bamboo Scrub (250ml)


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    SILCARE PEEL&REFRESH SCALP BAMBOO SCRUB – deep cleansing scalp scrub. It boosts hair roots, regulates activity of sebaceous glands, has anti-dandruff properties. 

    Clinically proven: after three months of use, hair loss has been reduced by a 60.6% compared to the initial state.

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    A mechanism contained in the product based on two-way action of two complexes:

    BaicapilTM Active Complex (Baikal skullcap, soybean and wheat sprout extract) – stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss and increases volume

    Active plant extracts – that have properties, such as toning (rosemary, white nettle, burdock extract), irritation soothing (chamomile extract), tightening (arnica extract), sebum and dandruff reducing (sage, pine, lemon peel extract), moisturizing, nourishing (nasturtium, calendula extract) and protecting (ivy extract)

    It perfectly removes residues from hairstyling products and keratinized skin thanks to natural bamboo abrasive. The BAICAPILTM COMPLEX (Baikal skullcap, soybean sprout and wheat sprout extract) protects against excessive weakening and hair loss and has proven strong action of stimulating growth of new, healthier hair.

    The product has UNIQUE INGREDIENTS:

    -natural bamboo abrasive

    -soybean extract

    -wheat sprout extract

    -Baikal skullcap root extract



    -contains natural bamboo abrasive

    -used regularly prevents dandruff recurrence

    -thanks to thorough cleansing, it increases effectiveness of hair oiling and other hair care treatments focused on stimulating hair growth

    -reduces sebum production in greasy hair

    -relieves itchy scalp

    -reduces or eliminates irritation

    Directions for use: Apply scrub on slightly damp scalp, gently massage for at least 1-2 minutes with circular movements with your fingertips. Rinse with plenty of warm water. Wash your hair with shampoo. It is recommended to us 1-2 times a week.

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    Silcare Trichoplex Scalp Care Bamboo Scrub (250ml)

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