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    Silcare QUIN Hand Mask (300ml)
    • Silcare QUIN Hand Mask (300ml)
    • Silcare QUIN Hand Mask (300ml)
    • Silcare QUIN Hand Mask (300ml)

    Silcare QUIN Hand Mask (300ml)


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    It is said that the eye is the mirror of the soul, yet it is hand that says a lot about us. They reveal our age and life style. 

    Atmosphere conditions, everyday duties, hard work, detergents and time may have negative effect on skin of hands.

    There appear wrinkles and discoloration. Yet, it doesn’t mean that hands can’t regain its former glow.


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    Brightening And Anti-Aging Hand Mask - contains carefully selected ingredients such as glycerin,  olive oil, African Shea butter or vitamin E. 

    As a result, rich in oils and vitamin hand mask brightens discolouration, impedes aging process and inflammation.

    Key ingredient of the hand mask is niacinamide (B3 vitamin component), which has many properties improving skin condition. 

    It stimulates production of keratin and ceramide and picks up free-radicals – acting anti-aging. The second most important substance in the hand mask is vitamin C (acobryl palmitate), which owing to its properties photo-protective, stimulating collagen synthesis and de-pigmenting – acts brightening and anti-aging.


    -brightens discolorations;

    -reduces wrinkles;

    -rejuvenates and smoothes the skin;

    -slows down aging process;

    -improves skin firmness.

    Moisturizing Hand Mask - Due to presence of carefully selected ingredients such as a.o. well known glycerin, coming from south olive oil, also Shea butter and vitamin E, the rich in oils hand mask regenerates, moisturizes, softens and oils.

    The main element of the hand mask is Hydromanil. It is a fully natural substance, which consists of moisturizing galactomannan particles obtained from seeds of Tara (Caesalpinia spinosa). 

    Moisturizing galactomannan particles in Hydromanil occur in form of three-dimensional  matrix (Matrix 3D) gradually unleashing oligosaccharides.


    -immediate feeling of skin moisturized for long lasting;

    -regeneration of lipid layer;

    -soothed and smoothed skin;

    -control of epidermis exfoliation processes.

    Way of use:  Apply a thick layer of the mask on clean hands. Put on plastic or cotton gloves, then leave for 15-20 minutes.  

    You can massage the excess of the mask into skin or wash it off with warm water.

    The mask is also great for paraffin wax treatment.

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    Silcare QUIN Hand Mask (300ml)

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