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      Perma Blend BROW DADDY Pigments (15ml)


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      Do not use for PMU or Tattoo!
      Use only for training on sinthetic skin.
      This color not according to new REACH2022 regulation.

      Made in USA



      Last time this product was bought: 05/25/2023

      Perma Blend's Brow Daddy Gold Collection is focused at delivering an unforgettable experience for both the artist and the customer.
      The Gold Collection is all about providing an experience for the artists and their clientele, from the packaging through the product.
      This partnership combines Perma Blend pigments quality and reputation with Brow Daddy's passion, enthusiasm, and genius to develop a collection
      Collection that empowers artists and offers them a really unique experience unlike anything else in permanent makeup.
      The Gold Collection includes ten bottles in a variety of warm and neutral tones ranging from blonde to black.

      Artists may more properly alter colors according to the client's skin undertones with this high-retention (80-100%) spectrum of Perma Blend BROW DADDY Pigments.
      Because some of the more bright browns and blondes are not a great fit for all customers, corrective work requires a choice of warmer and/or cooler tones.
      Colors in the Gold Collection are more neutral, making them more suited for a wide range of clientele.

      Perma Blend BROW DADDY Pigments Colors to choose:

      GOLDEN GODDESS - Medium to dark blonde shade with slightly warm undertones

      BRONZITE - A medium to dark brown shade with warm yellow undertones

      BERRY BLONDE - Medium to dark blonde shade with warm mass tone and slightly warm undertones

      DARK TEDDY - A medium brown shade with yellow mass and undertones

      BROUGE - Dark brown with strong warm red shade in the mass tone and more orange undertone

      TRUFFLE DREAM - A medium ash brown with slightly warm yellow undertones and strong mass tone with great coverage

      HONEY MAGIC - Ginger color with great warmth as a standalone color or modifier

      SCHOKOLADE - A dark, yet soft brown shade with warm mass and undertones

      ICED CARAMEL - Light blonde shade with slightly cool undertones

      TOKYO BLACK - A dark brown to black shade with warm orange/red undertones

      Marta   07/14/2021
      Brow daddy

      I liked Tokyo Black a lot. Very deep pigment color

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      Perma Blend BROW DADDY Pigments (15ml)

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