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    Ever After Lip Pigments (15ml)


    Ever After Pigments
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    EVER AFTER Pigments are vegan and exclusively composed of organic ingredients.




    Pigment colors

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    EVER AFTER Pigments have been modified for cosmetic use and are based on a high quality tattoo color formula. 

    This makes EVER AFTER Pigments suitable for thin, sensitive skin as well as for irradiated, susceptible and scarring skin.


    Organic, biological, vegan and free from animal testing

    Sealed and pre-sterilized

    Water based


    Made in the USA

    Worldwide certified

    Pigment Colors:

    Divine Mauve - A cool, lightly desaturated and dark shade of Red, with minimal variance in undertones. Can be used as a modifier if added to browns for medium/lighter auburn hues.

    Passion - A cool, lightly saturated Red blush of medium brightness, with neutral undertones when diluted.

    Flora - A warm, lightly desaturated and bright Pink blush with warm Orange undertones when diluted.

    Incantation - A cool, lightly desaturated Red blush of medium brightness, with neutral undertones when diluted. Slightly lighter than Classical.

    Queen of Hearts - A neutral, very saturated Red of medium brightness, with cool undertones when diluted.

    Love Spell - A cool, very saturated Red of medium brightness, with Rose undertones when diluted.

    Princess Pink - A neutral, lightly saturated and very bright tint of Rose, with minimal variance in undertones.

    Mischief - A warm, lightly saturated and dark shade of Magenta with Rose and Magenta undertones when diluted.

    Sorceress - A saturated jeweled shade of Magenta, with Magenta and Rose undertones when diluted.

    Bare Beauty - A neutral, lightly desaturated and bright tint of Pink blush with warm undertones when diluted.

    Ever After Pigments
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    Ever After Lip Pigments (15ml)

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