Filler Bust 50 ml.


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      Filler Bust 50 ml.

      FillerBust, Increases, firms up and tones the bust.

      FillerBust presents a new bio-technical and natural gel that brings together different active ingredients which provide a more voluminous, smooth, firm and soft bust, while at the same time improving the look of the cleavage, which due to photo aging cause the appearance of “intermammary” wrinkle, so hard to get rid of.

      Benefits in the bust area: Volumising “plumping effect”, firming and hydrating.


      1) Plumping Effect: Increase in bust volume thanks to localised increased fat tissue.

      2) Firmness and elasticity: Due to the adequate and varied well proven active ingredients it improves skin giving it firmness, elasticity, hydration and smoothness.

      3) Avoids the appearance of intermammary wrinkles through the increase of collagen, reducing their depth and providing a softer and smoother look.

      Filler Bust
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      Filler Bust 50 ml.

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