Li Pigments Aqua Eyebrows pigments
      • Li Pigments Aqua Eyebrows pigments

      Li Pigments Aqua Eyebrows pigments (7ml)


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      Li Pigments Aqua Eyebrows pigments (7ml)


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      The manner the pigment is manufactured, blended, broken down, and combined contributes to the high quality of Li Pigments Aqua Eyebrows pigments .
      The concentrated levels and, most critically, the pigment fusing mechanism.

      Recognizing the need for not only safe pigments that stay, but also pigments that hold true to color over time and do not change color, Li Pigments realized that by making a few simple formula changes and using a unique mixing process, they could create a pigment line that would outperform any other eyebrow pigments .

      Back in 1992, Li Pigments introduced "Fusion Technology" to the market, revolutionizing the permanent cosmetics business.

      Why are they gamma radiated, and why are they thought to be safer than some of the other options?

      Because sterilizing kills all spores, the pigment is bacterial safe to use.

      For safe pigments, choose pigments from reputable producers who adhere to all current good manufacturing practices and make the final pigment product from safe materials that have been certified for use.

      As such, Li Pigments pass all EU tests.

      Li Pigments is a firm that constantly prioritizes safety and quality.

      Aqua Brow Pigments is a flexible set of brow colors that work well with both the machine and the hand tool.

      aqua pigments is compatible with all methods and needles, including powder brows, Ombre brows, microblading, machine hair strokes, single needles, and shader needles.

      It doesn't dry too quickly or too slowly, it's not too thick or thin, and it's been giving excellent healed and aged effects for over 23 years.  

      Aqua is highly concentrated, which means that there is more saturation, which means that the color is more repaired and lasts longer.
      This is the line you might want to utilize if you do a variety of approaches.

      There's a reason Aqua has been one of the world's best-selling lines since its beginnings.
      Thousands of artists throughout the world have tried and approved it.

      The same great features of the original Aqua pigment line in a unique Pre-Neutralized, Water Based formula.  With little to no mixing required to get that perfect color, these pigments implant quickly and easily into all skin types and ethnicities. Several Years in development, each of the 36 exciting new colors has been rigorously tested and hand selected for its unique color application to the specific area of procedure.  Create beautiful results every time with Li Pigments Aqua!

      Li Pigments Aqua Eyebrows pigments Key Benefits:


      -Gamma Sterilized

      -Lot & Date Coded

      -Fade True to Color


      -Microbial-Free Pigment

      -Manufactured in a State Certified Lab

      -Same Consistency & Color in Every Batch

      -Highly Concentrated

      -Exclusive and UNIQUE controller dropper tip, allows for exact mixing every time.

      -Meets REACH 2022

      Made in USA

      li pigments color chart:

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      Li Pigments Aqua Eyebrows pigments (7ml)

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