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      Rejuvi 'u' Wild Yam Cream (50 ml.)


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      Rejuvi ''u'' Wild Yam Cream (50 ml.)

      Rejuvi U Wild Yam Cream 50g Rejuvi's Wild Yam Cream has multiple health benefits and is advanced endocrine care for men and women. It maintains the balance of the hormone system which can ease PMS, regulate menstrual cycle, aid conception, and reduce hormonal hyper pigmentation and ease menopausal problems.

      Soybean extract and GLA are combined to help prevent osteoporosis, and some breast and uterus cancers. It also increases metabolism, reduces body fat, prevents blood clotting and arthritis and it enhances HDL (good cholesterol).
      Unisex Endocrine Care
      Contains Natural Progesterone (Soybean Extract)
      Contains Gammalinoic Acid
      Balances Hormones
      Helps Regulate Menstrual Cycle and Ease PMS
      Helps Prevent Osteoporosis
      Helps Prevent Some Breast and Uterus Cancers
      Eases Menopausal Problems
      Can Help Conception
      Reduces Body Fat and Increases Metabolism
      Helps Prevents Blood Clotting and Arthritis
      Enhances HDL (Good Cholesterol)

      Application:Apply daily or every other day. Apply to neck, breast, stomach and other thin skinned areas. Massage until totally absorbed

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      Rejuvi 'u' Wild Yam Cream (50 ml.)

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