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    Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set


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    Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set

    Neck or throat skin is thinner than facial skin and has few sebaceous glads. In addition, neck movement causes collagen to wear down more than most facial areas. People take care of face very carefully to avoid aging but neck care is mostly neglected. All these factors result in visible neck aging such as sagging, wrinkles, turkey neck, double chin appearing even in the early 40s. There is a good reason to say neck aging is telltale of your age. For the tough neck aging process, Rejuvi has developed a unique, synergistic and powerful approach to maintain and rejuvenate your neck for youthful appearance. Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set consists of Neck Revitalizing Cream (# 1) and Neck Intensive Nourishing Cream (#2).

    Rejuvi Neck Revitalizing Cream (#1) utilizes a unique AHA complex (several alpha-hydroxy acids) combined with a special Vitamin A complex (several retonoids). AHAs are hydrophilic (water soluble) so as to treat hydrophilic skin sites (cell interstice) very effectively. The combination of these two combination of these two major anti-aging techniques provides a synergistic and very powerful stimulation for cell renewal and and collagen production for neck area which really needs extraordinary skin revitalization for youthful appearance.

    Neck Intensive Nourishing Cream (#2) utilizes a high concentration of shea butter (Vitamin F), emu oil (excellent moistturizing function) and lecithin to enhance skin hydration. Astaxantihin is the most powerful antioxidant in the world and is added for super neck protection. Beta-glucan (from yeast) is incorporated for enhancing skin immune system. Moreover dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) is incorporated to imrpove muscle tone helping reduce trukey neck. This cream is extremely helpful in dry or low humidity climate.

    Due to Neck skin characteristic, its rejuvenation needs intensive hydration, nourishing, protection ant strogn stimulation of cell reneal and collagen production. It's difficult to have these functions within one product (one size fits all). Rejuvi Neck Rejuvention Set offers the most unique and optimal approach.

    Directions: Apply two Rejuvi Neck Creams at night generously and alternately (every day or every week). In case that Neck Revitalizing Cream causes discomfort or allergic reaction, stop use for a few days and then use again every other day. A sun protection product should be used for neck area in daytime.

    A noticeable improvement will be observed after using 1 or 2 sets!



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    Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set

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