kodan tinktur forte
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      Kodan Tinktur Forte 250ml. / 1l.


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      Kodan Tinktur Forte 250ml. / 1l.

      Kodan Tinktur Forte 250ml. / 1l.

      Kodan Tinktur Forte spray is a ready-to-use product that can be applied for skin antisepsis prior to injections, punctures and surgical operations. The clear, propanol-based skin antiseptic not only boasts a quick activation time, but it is also very compatible with skin. 

      Product Details

      Clear skin antiseptic with a fast activation time

      Wide spectrum of efficacy

      Fast onset of efficacy (15 sec. before injections)

      Very good skin compatibility

      Adheres well to wound films after drying

      VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene)/DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology) listed under the skin antiseptic and hygienic hand disinfection sections

      Microbiological Efficacy

      Bactericide incl. micobacteria


      Limited virucide (HBV, HIV, HCV, herpes simplex viruses)

      Virucide against rotavirus and adenovirus

      Areas of Application for kodan Tinktur forte:

      Skin antisepsis before surgery, injections and blood taking, before punctures, excisions, cannulation and biopsies

      Wound and suture care

      Hygienic hand disinfection

      To support general hygienic measures in the prophylaxis of fungal skin diseases

      Safety data sheet kodan tincture forte, colourless

      Product information kodan tincture forte

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      Kodan Tinktur Forte 250ml. / 1l.

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