Rejuvi Contour Formula (120 ml)


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      Rejuvi Contour Formula ( 120 ml.)


      One treatment a week, after 3-4 weeks you will notice results.

      Rejuvi for contours: deionized water, propylene glycol, ginkgo extract, ivy extract, Theophyllisilane C, polysorbate 20, essential oil.

      Rejuvi skin rejuvenating mask: deionized water, papaya extract, lemon peel powder, chamomile powder, kaolin, ginseng root powder, sunflower oil, stearic acid, glycerol stearate, polysorbate 20, glycolic acid, glycolic acid, glycolic acid, glycolic acid,

      Course of treatment:

      1. Clean the treated area with Rejuvi k cleaner.

      2. Apply a skin rejuvenating mask and hold for 10-15 minutes.

      3. Wash the mask.

      4. Using a brush, apply Rejuvi to the contours, one good coat is sufficient.

      5. Wait 5 minutes.

      6. Wrap the whole body in a thermal blanket and turn on the maximum temperature that the client tolerates, leave for 30 minutes.

      7. Let the client take a shower.

      8. Apply Rejuvi Therapeutic Gel and Rejuvi Intensive Gel to the contours.

      At home:

      Morning: Apply Rejuvi cream to the inner legs or abdomen daily.

      In the evening: after the shower, apply Rejuvi cream or gel for contours. Do not apply anything on top for another 6 hours. You can use a heating blanket.

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      Rejuvi Contour Formula (120 ml)

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