Dermclar Natural Extract For Cellulite 5ml


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      Helps to reduces Cellulite

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      * Asian Centella :
      Asian Centella is a plant naturally growing in Madagascar and around Indian Ocean. It has been used over centuries in the Asian traditional medicine.

      Active principles of Asian Centella Extract are made by three tirterpenic components: Asian, madecasic Acids, and asiaticosids as the major active substance and primary collagen stimulation, and mitotic stimulant at dermal level and venous fibroblastic wall, useful to improve symptoms related to venolymphatic pathologies such as "cellulitis" and edematous legs occuring with lymphatic drainage dysfunction

      Assian Centella Extract promotes, protects and speeds up healing. Firstly, the product acts by regulating cincorporation to colagen of fundamental amino acids for structural protein, alanine and proline biosynthesis, thus stimulating granulation tissue, and secondly, makes easy epitelialization by promoting glycoaminoglycans biosynthesis.

      * Ivy: Ivy contains Hederine, an active saponin eliciting a significant peripheral vasodilating action with anti-spasmodic effect and draining action of lipolysis product present in "cellulitis" initial stage. 
      Ivy posseses peripheral vasodilating action with antiedema effect and clearance action of lipolysis products.

      * Fucus: High-iodine, potassium, ascorbic acid, and mucilages contents; provides hydrating, lipolytic, and antiedematous action promoting capillary circulation, enhancing cellulitic skin trophism.

      Anti-cellulitic high potency. Enhances microcirculation, lipolysis and cellulitc skin trophism.

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      Dermclar Natural Extract For Cellulite 5ml

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