Dermclar Cellulite Solution/ L- Carnitine 5ml


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      Solution With Cellulite Reducing Effect

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      L-CARNITINE is a cell natural component, vastly found in meat, milk, liver and yeast. L-CARNITINE is biosynthetized from other amino acids.

      L-CARNITINE, named "Fat-devouring molecule" acts on lipidic metabolism as a fatty acid-carrier substances, mainly long-chain ones, from citosol to inside mitochondria,. where B-oxidation is accomplished, which is especially important in such tissues as muscle, depending, in a great extent, on fatty acids to obtain the energy necessary for muscle contraction.

      The major body functions are:

      * Transport of fatty acids from citosol to inside mitochondria.

      * Assist in fat conversion into energy.

      * Enhancement heart lipidic metabolism

      * Assist in triglycerydes and cholesterol reduction


      CELLULITIS: Depletion of L-CARNITINE avoids for fats to be transported towards energetic centers, where they are burned. This heap of fat externally translates into the so-called "orange skin" and "cellulitis" . By contrast, the more L-CARNITINE available, the more fat burned, and therefore, body weight is lost, more energies are recovered, and cold and fatigue better endured. It can associate to CAFFEINE, by L-Carnitine potency to remove fat from cells where fat is stored.

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      Dermclar Cellulite Solution/ L- Carnitine 5ml

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