Dermclar Lift Solution (Dmae 3%) 2ml


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      Lifting effect solution

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      The DMAE is a precousor of the ACETYLCHOLINE(neurotransmitter)participates in the convertion of the choline to acetilcholine.Important neurotransmitter due to the extensive receptors of it at different type of cells in the skin.

      The effects of the DMAE by incresing the acetilcholine at an extracellular level are:
      *Tensor effect:by colinergic response at the membrane receptors of the miofriboblasts.
      *Cell nutrition effect:the colinergic response creates a vasodilation(infraclinic)increasing the cutaneos perfussion,therefore the cellular nutrition. 
      *Hydrating effect:by a response of the nicotinic receptors at the swett glands.
      *Antiaging effect:increases the phosphatidilcholine synthesis,important component of cell membrane,structural and fuctional protector of the cell.Increasing the resistance to oxidative stress and favoring the repair of the cell membrane.
      For facial and corporal skin,in preventing and treating intrinsec and extrinsec damage to skin(sun damage,smoking,pollution.etc...)

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      Dermclar Lift Solution (Dmae 3%) 2ml

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