Dermclar Firming Solution / Sodium Piruvate 1% 2ml.


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      Helps reduce flacidity

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      Several different studies have shown one of the major benefits of the product is increased muscular firmness owing the several actions, such as:

      * SODIUM PYRUVATE increases mitochondria membrane potential, by stimulating cellular respiration
      * Increase of glucose transport towards muscular cell
      * It is essential for A.T.P. (Adenosin - Triphosphate) production in the organism responsible for muscular contractions.
      By the action above described, sodium pyruvate has been used alone or together with different "cocktails" of Mesotherapy to treat:
      * Body and face flaccidity 
      * Wrinkles and skin aging 
      * Atrophic grooves

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      Dermclar Firming Solution / Sodium Piruvate 1% 2ml.

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