Dermclar Aesthetic Solution Of Vitamin C 2ml.


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      Solution for Wrinkles with Ascorbic Acid (VITAMIN C)

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      VITAMINE C (ascorbic acid) is essential in the formation of collagen,present in the connective tissue(fibrous tissue) due to its property to simulate the collagen formation from fribroblastus.Thanks to this precents the damage of skin in the intrinsec and extrinsec aging(sun exposure,etc.)It is also a potent redox over free radicals.Acts in the development of the matrix or normal intercellular substance of the connective tissue and for the structural integrity of the capilar walls.It is well known that the VITAMIN C is very efficient in eliminating the activated oxigen(free radical)preventing (oxidation of cells)oxidative stress,so comon in aging and frecuent skin disseases.

      The different aging process:intrinsic and extrinsec,are well and frecuently treated by adequate dosage of vitamine c

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      Dermclar Aesthetic Solution Of Vitamin C 2ml.

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