Dermclar Aesthetic Solution of Argireline & Leuphasyl 2ml


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      Solution that helps reduce the apparition of wrinkles

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      ARGIRELINE: apowerfull hexapeptide -antiwrinkles,an ultimate alternative to botox.

      One of the changes associated to aging is the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles do to squinting,frowning and smiling.The facial muscle contraction is produce by the liberation of neurotransmitters.The SNARE complex(snap receptor)is essential in the liberation of the neurotransmitter at the sinapsis.This complex is formed by the VAMP proteins:Sintaxine and snap25,this complex captures the vesicles which contains the neurotransmitters permiting their libaration.

      The ARGIRELINE compits with the protein snap25 at its position in the SNARE complex,modulating its formation.The SNARE complex is destabilized,and consecquently the neurotransmitters are not liberated in an efficient way; the muscle contraction is diminished,preventing and reducing the depth of wrinkles.

      PENTAPEPTIDE 18:a new pentapeptide developed to prevent the wrinkles of expression with two advantages: 
      *new as an alternative mechanism to prevent the fine lines and wrinkles.
      *aditive and sinergetic action to complement the argireline action.Both peptides(ARGIRELINE-PENTAPEPTIDE 18)shows an aditive at075% in respect to the effect of argireline alone and 120% in respect to the effect of the pentapeptide 18.

      The mechanism of action of the PENTAPEPTIDE 18 imitates in vitro the mechanism of the enkephalines,is coupled to the enkephaline receptor at the nerve cells.When the pentapeptide is coupled to the receptor there´s a change(conformational)producing a cascade inside the nerve cell,with a drop in the excitability.The activity of the nerve cell diminish and the acetyl-choline secretion is modulated.The muscle relax and therefore thefine lines and wrinkles diminish.

      To reduce and prevent wrinkles in face,an alternative to botuline toxine.Specially facial expression wrinkles due to frowning,squinting and smiling.

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      Dermclar Aesthetic Solution of Argireline & Leuphasyl 2ml

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